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Ultimate Guide: How to Buy and Pay with Bitcoin on PCT.ZONE

Let’s make cryptocurrency easy!

Placing Your Bitcoin Order: A Simple Process

From choosing your products to checking out with Bitcoin, we make it easy.

Prerequisite for Buying Bitcoin

Before you begin:

  1. Have a Suitable Device: This could be a web browser, Android, iOS device, or a dedicated hardware wallet like Ledger. A user-friendly choice to consider is TrustWallet.

Shopping and Checking Out

  1. Browse and select your desired products from the warehouse(s) that best suits you.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Fill in your address details. Consider creating an account for faster checkouts in the future.
  4. Choose Bitcoin/BTCPay as your payment method. This will display your order’s cost in Bitcoin or other available cryptocurrencies.

Acquiring Bitcoin: Tailored Advice by Location

Don’t have Bitcoin yet? No worries. Here’s how to get it based on where you are.

Guidance for U.S. Shoppers

We recommend CashApp for our U.S. customers

Link: How to Buy Bitcoin with CashApp

Link: Sending and Receiving Bitcoin via CashApp

Options for Canadian Customers

Explore BullBitcoin. Or, delve into the global options below for more choices.

Global Bitcoin Solutions

There is an equally good option called Mercuryo, it allows you to purchase up to $900 without KYC using multiple payment methods. While this is mostly no-KYC, it may at times ask for it (rarely).

The below steps assume you are using TrustWallet, if you are using another wallet you can purchase directly from Mercuryo here – Mercuryo Exchange

  1. Start with TrustWallet for iOS, Android, or web browsers.
  2. Inside TrustWallet, click “Buy” and choose Bitcoin.
  3. Enter the value of your order, due to fees by the exchanges you may need to purchase a small amount more.
  4. Opt for “Mercuryo” as your third party purchase provider.
  5. Most won’t need to go through a KYC verification with Mercuryo, but if prompted, it’s just once.
  6. Pick your payment method and purchase.

Completing Your Bitcoin Payment

Got your Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency? Great! Here’s how to pay with TrustWallet or most general wallets:

  1. Open your wallet and select Bitcoin.
  2. Tap on ‘Send’.
  3. Click on the QR/Photo/Scan icon and scan our provided QR code during checkout.
  4. Confirm by pressing ‘send.’ And you’re done!

General Notes

If the above solutions don’t fit your needs, consider Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchanges. P2P platforms use an escrow service, letting you trade directly with reputable traders. Trades usually finalize in about 5 minutes, and a multitude of payment methods are available, from Bank Transfers to CashApp.

For those seeking more privacy and lower transaction fees, we suggest buying XMR. It’s a seamless process, and you can send directly to us at checkout from any exchange platform.

Recommended P2P Exchanges:

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